A lot of movie actors have made a lot of money in the industry and most of them spend them on cars, luxurious houses, and pieces of jewelry. Other movie stars are known to spend their money on casino gambling. Some of them have been seen going to famous and luxurious casinos to play poker and blackjack.

Even if you are not an actor but you have money for casino games, there are certain things you can do to also win big in casino games. One of these ways is playing casino games in the best casinos.

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Because of the money movie stars can make, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they even engage in gambling. After all, they are human and have the leisure activities they carry out.

Because the media are always there to cover the activities of famous people, many movie actors who like casino gambling sometimes don’t go to casinos again, rather they now play and gamble online.

Here are some of the movie stars who are known to enjoy going to the casino:

1. Tobey Maguire


This Hollywood actor is known for acting in Spiderman movies. He is also known for frequently playing casino games and he became a professional player in the year 2004.

This actor is an expert in the game of poker and has won huge amounts of money playing this casino game. He was reportedly tutored by one of the best in the casino space, Daniel Negreanu, a Canadian poker player.

Tobey Maguire is good at casino games and he proved this when he participated in Hollywood Park Casino Tournament and won more than $300,000. This actor is known to go to casinos with other Hollywood actors to play and gamble. He was also a participant in the Poker Main event Championships.

2. Brad Pitt


When he was given a role in the famous movie, Ocean’s Eleven, this Hollywood actor started to gamble to perfectly fit the role that was given to him. After the filming of this movie, Brad continued playing casino games.

He is known to be a poker and blackjack player because according to him, he prefers skill-based casino games where he can use his skills and strategies to outplay his opponents, and over the years, he has grown to be a professional in what he does. Many Hollywood stars are known to play slots and Brad Pitt is not left out, he sometimes plays slots for mainly entertainment purposes.

3. Jennifer Tilly


Jennifer is an American-Canadian actress who grew to become one of the greatest women poker players in the world. She not only had a talent for acting but was also talented in casino games. But this actress also had ups and downs during her career as a Casino player. After proving that she was one of the best in the game, Jennifer suddenly retired from playing casino games for a couple of years.

This actress in 2005 defeated more than 600 rivals in a tournament called Ladies No-Limit Hold’Em Tournament to win the World Series of Poker Bracelets. Throughout her career in casino games, Jennifer Tilly won more than 1 million US dollars, a lot more than some of the other movie actors and actresses that also play casino games.

4. Matt Damon


A lot of movie stars that play casino games most times play games while placing unreasonable bets but this is not the case of Matt Damon as this actor is known to play casino games with incredible caution and always places reasonable bets while playing.

Matt Damon is the best friend of Ben Affleck but he seems to be a better player than Ben because most of the time, Matt is in control of the gameplay. A lot of people consider him as even a more passionate casino player than Ben Affleck. Poker is the number one game that this actor likes to play whenever he is in a Casino.

Matt has won a lot of money while playing casino games which is mainly because he is always in charge of the game and doesn’t bet excessively unlike other Hollywood actors.

5. Ben Affleck


Ben is one of the most popular casino-playing actors. This Hollywood director and actor is known to place huge bets unlike his friend Matt who places medium bets while playing casino games. Regularly, Ben has been seen in one Las Vegas casino or the other and some of them have even banned him after he was caught card counting.

Ben has had success and failures because of the huge bets that he places whenever he is playing. And one time in 2001, he lost about $400,000 in a Casino while playing poker but in 2004 while playing a poker tournament, Ben won more than $356,000 in the tournament. Because many land-based casinos have banned him from Coming to their casinos, Ben Affleck now mostly plays casino games online.

6. Shannon Elizabeth


Shannon Elizabeth was a friend of Jennifer Tilly who was a helping hand to her when she played casino games. She went as far as dropping her acting career for a while to concentrate on playing casino games. She was pretty good at poker and won many major poker tournaments. She is one of the successful female players in the poker game.

It is known that there are many movie stars that play casinos either as professional players or just for leisure and entertainment. Many of these actors love to place huge bets when playing casino games while some of them bet at reasonable amounts.

Many of them have won lots of money while playing while some have lost huge amounts in gameplay. Whichever way, these stars mentioned above are some of the huge fans of casino gaming.