So, you’ve ditched the single-use plastic and are holding tote sacks everywhere you go. But, are you sure they are right for the climate?

According to an analysis conducted in 2018 by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, tote purses made using natural cotton should be utilized at least 20,000 times to neutralize their influence on the climate. This piece of news highlighted by the New York Times proved that these purses are not as friendly for the atmosphere as we all believe – especially if we have tons of them lying around in your house.

Since large quantities of resources are employed to produce a tote sack, and it also affects the ozone layer, one can say it is not as suitable for the atmosphere as we thought. So, if you wish to create the most out of your sack and be conscious of the atmosphere, you need to utilize one purse every single day for about 54 years!

Thankfully, we can recycle these purses. But what if it is made of cotton? Cotton fabric is good, but it is hard to reclaim, especially if wrapped in PVC symbols and stains. The logo or text printed is hard to recycle and ought to be carved out, destroying around 10-15% of the item, further decreasing their atmosphere impact.

But, we don’t mean that now you should ditch these items and begin using plastic purses for shopping. Plastic purses are a big NO-NO as they cause littering, and microplastics are a big problem for the ocean. Instead of throwing your tote pouch in a trash container because it is not acceptable for the climate, take it to a recycling center or fabric place. It is so because tossing merely 15% is more reasonable than destroying the whole item.

If you want to be more considerate of the climate, reusing your handbags is an alternative. But the truth is – that not everyone reuses them. As more and more people are going green, they are replacing the one-time-use plastic sacks with reusable tote handbags. It is a good step. However, one must not forget the very reason that compelled them to go green in the first place.

Another reason why the purpose of large tote bags is defeating is their growing abundance in the market, encouraging people to see them as disposables. Every store today offers these reusable bags for free, or as promotional gifts, thus multiplying their number. Because of their ubiquity, their actual usage is depleting, and you can easily find piles of these items on curbs, tossed in trashcans, or in dumpsters.

When an item is available in abundance, we see them as disposable, defeating its purpose. This averting impending ecological disaster seems more harmful to the atmosphere than helpful, becoming a problem.

So, Should You Continue Utilizing Tote Purses?

While more and more people are beginning to utilize tote handbags because they are eco-friendly, they are still not sustainable. It is so because a range of these bags uses petroleum in the manufacturing procedure. And when petroleum is used, carbon is emitted into the air, which boosts the odds of oil spills in the sea, thus slaughtering aquatic life and contaminating the surroundings.

Interestingly, this is where the concept of post-combustion carbon capture could play a transformative role. By integrating post-combustion carbon capture technologies within the manufacturing processes of such items, industries could significantly reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. This innovative approach captures carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions directly from the exhaust gases of combustion processes, offering a promising solution to mitigate the environmental impact associated with the use of petroleum-based materials in products like tote bags.

However, if you want to go green, you can utilize the ones created using natural resources or fewer quantities of petroleum. Using eco-friendly tote sacks produced from jute, polypropylene, recycled materials, canvas, and 100% cotton is more suitable than plastic sacks. Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of a tote purse you utilize as all of them help cut down on plastic waste.

Considering the atmosphere does not mean ditching plastic for natural fiber. It means reusing and recycling what is available to you. One can also reuse plastic. But not everyone does that. If you wish to be more conscious of the atmosphere, we recommend reusing organic tote handbags as much as you can. Invest in a quality and long-lasting piece that you can use for a long time, as it is a more reasonable option due to its effect on environmental change.

How do Tote Handbags Have a Positive Effect on the Atmosphere?

Although in this article, we have continuously highlighted that tote purses are not as positive for the climate as one might think, it doesn’t imply they have a poor effect. So, let’s discuss some critical advantages of utilizing these items instead of plastic bags.

●     Affordable

Since tote sacks are generally non-woven and are easier to produce, they are a more cost-efficient option at the point of purchase. For a company aiming to go green, these pouches are an eco-friendly option.

●     Durable

Since these non-woven handbags are usually produced out of polypropylene, they cannot shrink and stretch, making them stand the test of time.

●     Recyclable

It is feasible to manufacture totes utilizing sturdy, flexible, and recyclable materials. Thus, helping keep the harmful textiles out of the sea and dumps.

Key Takeaway

Unlike plastic purses, you can utilize them again and again for shopping, picking groceries, transporting garden items, carrying magazines while traveling, taking food to the office, storing art collections, and carrying picnic items. You can make the most out of tote purses as they don’t have a negative effect on the climate.

If your tote purse is out of shape or has a torn handle, instead of tossing it away, recycle it. Since most of these pouches contain polypropylene, the only recyclable textile, you can utilize it again and again for the atmosphere. Since tote handbags are also produced at home, they are a better choice for the climate.

It is high time we step out of the throwaway culture and begin reusing our possessions as much as possible. You must utilize a purse for as long as it serves the purpose and not be tossed away after a few services. Rather than purchasing ten tote purses as they have a cute print or like their color better, utilize the one you own to alleviate the guilt of harming the atmosphere.

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