Don’t know how to assemble a PC for your favorite game? You can easily get practical tips and hints since we have taken care of it. The expert advice will help to pay attention to important characteristics and avoid common mistakes. Enjoy your favorite World of Warcraft and forget about difficulties of the past!

Assembling a budget PC for World of Warcraft


The game has long won over the hearts of thousands of players, so it’s not surprising that the developers are working thoroughly on the project. The requirements to the gaming device are unlikely to cause any shock, since the company takes its regular players’ opinion into account.

A limited budget won’t be a reason to give up your favorite activity. The developers took care of three levels of hardware requirements and simplified the users’ task. You’ll be able to assemble a worthwhile PC to play comfortable subject to meeting a few conditions:

  1. Operating system. Here, the choice range is quite wide, since the latest Windows versions, including the good old Seven, are suitable for the game.
  2. Processor. At this point, you face the first challenges since it’s quite difficult to select the best option. Regular players claim that Intel generation 5 will perfectly cope with the required functions.
  3. RAM. Don’t save on this characteristic since being thrown out of a raid will mean your defeat. Users say that normal functions will take about 8 GB of memory.

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Here, you will easily find reliable sources of information without any problems and take advantage of the offered help. Listen to the expert opinion and make sure that your choice was right. Consider other gamers’ mistakes and stop thinking about probable mistakes. Enjoy yourself!

Assembling PC for better gaming experience


Surely, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the budget option since an opportunity to get more pleasure from high-quality gaming deserves your attention. The PC’s characteristics will significantly “grow up” and so does the assembly total cost.

It should be mentioned that opinions may differ in each particular case. This means that there will definitely be those who will be discouraged by low requirements to the processor or video card. There is only one conclusion: if you think that the hardware doesn’t work properly, it’s worth studying the settings.

Thus, not to play on the minimum, you should choose:

  1. OS. Here the answers are the same, so let’s spend time on other characteristics.
  2. Processor. Intel i7 will delight you with the required functions and won’t take you by surprise with downloading long. The suggested characteristics are enough to enjoy the gameplay.
  3. RAM. In this case, you will have to resist the temptation and refuse common offers. Make sure that the selected RAM option belongs to 16 GB category and there should be at least 2 such modules.

The hard drive will please you with a high-quality result only when you manage to get the maximum. In other words, pay attention to a PC with an SSD drive. Usually, such devices won’t disappoint you with their information processing speed, and you won’t have to face freezes.

Buying an additional cooler may become a mandatory investment, so make sure that this element is included in the standard assembly. High loads result in heating of all the elements, and no comfort is compatible with such an environment.

Top options for assembling a PC for World of Warcraft


Despite the fact that assembling a PC for high-quality gaming means getting the best hardware, a suitable “stuffing” is worth taking care of as well. A video card, processor, motherboard and much more play an important role, so you will need to take many peculiarities into account.

Modern trends are developing so rapidly that developers can’t keep up with all the innovations. Regular updates make it possible to achieve maximum comfort and control the selected character at micro levels. The response speed and graphics quality have reached a new level, so you should prepare for the future today.

The number of options is unlimited, but still it will take a lot of time to find the right equipment at a suitable price. To your behoof, pay attention to the following versions:

  1. Processor. The latest Intel generation delight thousands of players, but the best option is a modification of Intel Core i9-9900KF. The equipment price is quite high, but an opportunity to play at a qualitatively new level is definitely worth it.
  2. RAM. The memory amount of affects the game quality, so gamers try to choose options with the best available characteristics. Working at 3200 MHz frequency with two modules of 16 GB each will give you new impressions from the gameplay. No noticeable problems will be an additional advantage.
  3. Hard drive. Introduction of a new SSD drive versions on the market has alarmed active gamers. Unlimited possibilities and instant response on the player’s command have become an obvious reason for increasing demand for them. A hard disk should have about 70 GB of free space for functioning normally.

Recommendations to configure visual effects will be relevant regardless of the assembly option you’ve chosen. Budget, optimal and top computers primarily differ in the command processing speed and management capabilities. It will be impossible to feel as on the battlefield without the appropriate equipment.

The pleasure from the gameplay becomes the main motivation for conquering new heights. It is possible to get new impressions by making changes to the PC configuration. By replacing the key nodes gradually, you will be able to take a fresh look at the familiar world called World of Warcraft.

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