Cheetah is a fast, open source web browser from the Mozilla foundation that compresses the page rendering time and uses less memory than its competitors. It is based on the Webkit engine and embeds the Firefox browser as a plugin. (Cheetah is the fastest of the open source browsers and is faster than all other browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.)

The name is quite simple, the browser is a Chrome browser, not the tagline, but that’s the best way to get a quick description about the browser that is being designed.

Cheetah is a powerful and simple browser used by millions of people around the world. It’s a very lightweight browser that works against all types of webpages, including those with controls and animations. This browser is great for searching the web and reading websites, but it’s not as good for editing documents. Cheetah uses Unicode HTML5 and CSS3 elements but not JavaScript to render webpages. Unicode JavaScript is not supported by this browser.

Downloading Cheetah Browser for PC is very easy. Those who want to support the download of Cheetah Browser for Android devices. If you already have experience with Cheetah Browser on an Android device, you can also use it on Windows and Mac computers. Follow this guide to download Cheetah Browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac computers.

What is Cheetah Browser

Cheetah Browser is a web browser that supports downloading for Android devices and computers. It is a lightweight application that allows you to surf the internet at high speed. It consumes little power and you can surf the Internet longer. It also provides an excellent internet browsing experience. Thanos-Soft is the developer of this application and currently more than fifty thousand users worldwide download Cheetah Browser.

CheetahBrowser Features

When you use Cheetah Browser on your mobile device or computer, you can use many features. It offers excellent speed when surfing the Internet. Support for pop-up blocking. Most users use Cheetah Browser to get rid of unwanted ads. You can also use private browsing in Cheetah Web Browser. Cheetah Browser supports incognito mode, bookmark creation, search history, opening multiple web pages via tabs, etc. Users can change the theme style in the Cheetah Browser application.

How to download Cheetah Browser for Windows PC and Mac

By following these simple instructions, you can easily download Cheetah Browser for Windows and Mac computers. Currently there is no official desktop version. Therefore, we cannot install Cheetah Browser directly on your computer. To install it on computers, we can use the Android virtual player. After installing the virtual Android player on your computer, you can easily run all Android applications on your computer. We use Bluestacks as an Android emulator, follow the instructions below to install it.

  • First, download the Bluestacks Android emulator and install it on your computer. Read our Bluestacks installation guide article for instructions and to download the installation files.
  • After completing the installation by following the instructions, open the Bluestacks Android emulator on your computer. It may take a little longer to load the first time, depending on your computer’s performance.
  • After downloading, you will find the Google Playstore application on the home screen. Click on it to open the Google Playstore.
  • In the Playstore search application, type Cheetah Browser and click the search button to start searching for the application.
  • Once you find the application in the search results, click on Cheetah Browser and find the Install button. Click on it to start the installation of the application.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application will appear on the Bluestacks home screen. Click on it and start using Cheetah Browser for Windows PC and Mac.

By following the above instructions, you can download and install Cheetah Browser for PC. This way, you can use all the functions on your computer that you also have on your mobile phone. Without the Bluestacks Android emulator, we cannot install the Cheetah web browser application on a computer. There are many alternatives to the Bluestacks Android emulators. However, we recommend you to use it because it offers a quality service and has been providing emulation services for several years.Even though there are several web browsers available in the market today, the one which comes in the first place in Google’s Trends or Samsung’s Top Browsers Rankings are the Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Today, in this Cheetah Browser Review, we will be reviewing the Chrome browser and comparing it with the Cheetah.. Read more about mozilla firefox and let us know what you think.

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