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Movies are one of the most surreal experiences of our lives. We’re saying that in all seriousness about an art form that appears week after week. The communal experience of witnessing the brilliance of a story unfolding behind closed doors is an experience that is not to be taken lightly.

For most, it is just an unconscious feeling of sitting together and watching movies individually, but in truth, watching movies in theatres or any screening is the unity of various types of people, castes, religions, and sexes, all unifying and turning into one living and breathing being, witnessing a story being told with an ‘n’ number of opinions and inferences.

But we worded the art form that appears week in and week out too lightly. Not all movies give you an authentic communal experience, and to be honest, they can leave people with a sour taste as they leave the hall. The film being watched must be a good one.

This is highly underrated, and to be honest, it is inevitable until you watch it. But is it? Can a bad movie be avoided without having to watch it? Reviews are one of the portals that lead the anticipating watcher into a read that makes them either want to watch the movie or not watch it at all.

Scott Cooper Miami Beach director is one of the experts in the business here to show you everything you need to know about the latest Hollywood movies. In this article, we’ll talk about reviews, their pros, and their cons. With that being said, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

What Are Movie Reviews?

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Movies are released a week in week out. Some make millions, some bomb at the box office. Some of them have surreal and subtle performances. Some have overreacted and over-the-top performances. Some movies have an extensive budget and tell a bad story.

Some of them have a minimal budget but tell us a story that will keep us thinking about it at night. Movies exist like the same color palette of a rainbow. So diverse and unique. Going to the theatres can be a communal and great experience but can be a little pricey for a person with popcorn, candy, tickets, and soda. The most important of all is time is being taken from a person.

Based on the type of person, time is relatively precious to one another. Watching a movie is like rolling the dice on a good experience. You’re sacrificing 2 hours or so watching a movie that can either be good or bad. Reviews are a summary of the movie’s best parts and its letdowns.

People reading into reviews can decide to watch a movie without being let in on its plot details. Reviews are an outline of a movie’s details, all while not revealing anything too important. It makes a commentary about the various elements of the film, what was best about it, and the things that seemed like a letdown. If you’ve wondered how to write movie reviews? We’ll show you.

How To Write Movie Reviews?

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When writing a film review, you’ll want to keep in mind that you are making a unique argument about the film. A practical review will go well beyond saying that the film was good or bad or that you should or should not watch it. Instead, you’ll be providing the audience with expert analysis.

The film uses specific scenes, characters, and themes to point out the film’s message and significance. Writing a film review is a typical writing assignment because it tests your ability to summarize and analyze. To report a film review, you will have to follow this 3 step process.

  • Step 1 – Screen the film as you sit down. Open the screen and make a few notes about the title, director, date, and publisher/producer. You’ll return to these later. When writing the summary, it’s important to note that you’ll need to screen a film more than once, looking for different aspects. With each viewing, the first time you watch it, you’re just looking for the basics. What is its message, subject, and significant figures? Now that you know the film’s contents, you can start looking for themes, motives, and symbols important to developing the film’s message—mood and progress by the third screening. You’re ready to look at those more technical aspects such as cinematography, music, and editing.
  • Step 2 – Organize your notes. Now that you have your screen notes, you’ll want to organize them into the various areas that film reviews typically cover. These include a summary, analysis significance, and recommendations.
  • Step 3 – Write the summary. Usually, the outline is one or maybe two paragraphs that address the basic information about the film.

Pros And Cons Of Reading A Film Review

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The Pros –

Better decision making

If you’re in a dilemma about wanting to know whether a new movie is worth your time and money, movie reviews can help solve your confusion and will result in you making a decision.

Creates more anticipation

Reading a good movie review will only leave you more excited and anticipated to see the movie for how good it is. It’s even better if you went into something without knowing what to expect and you read a good review.

The positive words about the movie will make you want to watch the film even more than how much you previously wanted to.

A good feeling

Reading an excellent review is always a good feeling, especially if it’s about an actor or director whose work you love and adore.

A happy feeling of knowing that the movie you’re anticipated for has a significant following and good reviews.

The Cons –

Ruins the surprise

Before people regularly read reviews, the surprise of finding out how well a movie can turn out is something people love. The feeling of that going away when you read a movie review is just in bad taste.

Biased opinions

Sometimes, reviews can have biased opinions about certain actors or directors. This can falsify the proper projection of the movie and can ruin the experience for those that want to watch the film.

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