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People are often unsure if debt consolidation is the right move. One of the things that worries them the most is how this will affect their credit. You need to know that there are two outcomes that depend on several factors. Depending on how regularly you pay off the debt and how long you will pay it off, you can have a much better credit score than the current one. However, this is not a universal rule.

Those who do the exact opposite can only make the situation worse than it already is. That is why the final outcome depends only on you and your possibilities. What we can tell you with certainty is that with this option you will get smaller monthly payments, the possibility of short-term relief and much more. You can read more about it in the text below, and you may find and resolve your doubts.

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Debt consolidation or settlement

Many people don’t make a difference between those two options, but it definitely exists. For example, when you opt for the first option you have made a deal with some type of bank or some other financial institution. We tell you this because of protocols such as reviewing the credit application, determining creditworthiness, income, etc. Based on that, you will be determined and decide on the amount of interest rate you should pay. If you pay everything on time, your credit score will be increased. Debt settlement is a kind of formal offer that will help you settle a debt through a trustee in bankruptcy. This is very similar to declaring bankruptcy and both have a bad effect on the credit score.

Is it wise to opt for debt consolidation?

This is a really good idea that can solve many financial problems. Especially if you want to repay several loans with excellent credit conditions. If your credit has not improved or you have spoiled it then this is not the best idea for you. So, consider several factors such as credit score, interest rate, etc. Of course, the reason for the debts is also important. If it is a problem with high consumption, you need to deal with this problem. If you do not eliminate it in time, there is a possibility that you will fall into big debts again. Another advantage is that most companies from that niche, as well as Credit Associates Debt Settlement, charge no upfront fees but only a percentage of the total debt for their services

Better financial situation

One of the advantages of this decision is definitely the lower interest rate and the number of payments you will receive. That means you don’t have to worry about these items either. Based on this, the chances of late payment are drastically reduced, because you will not have to set aside large amounts of money on a monthly basis. With large monthly debts usually comes late payment or even missed payments. With debt consolidation you will have a debt free life. It’s a great base for new ideas and better financial decisions that you can make when you’re done paying off your debt.

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Early debt repayment

If you opt for debt consolidation, we are sure you will speed up the payment. This way you will save when it comes to interest. Best of all, you can make a great financial schedule. For example, if you pay your monthly fee a few months in advance, you will not have to think about payment. You will also be able to better allocate your money and make long-term plans. With this, you will surely follow all the rules and repay the debt in a short time. We believe that this greatly simplifies debt repayment.

Lower interest rate

When we talk about lower interest rates, we must also look at improving the credit score. This is exactly what you can expect if you opt for debt consolidation. This way you save and repay the loan at the same time. This is especially true for those who will not pay the loan for a long period. Either way, you will improve your credit score in several ways. Timely payments and loan repayments will contribute to that.

When should I opt for debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a smart move if you do not pay more than 50% of your monthly income during the month. You also need to have good enough credit, because that is the only way you can qualify for debt consolidation and get low interest rates. You have adequate flow consistently covers payments. Consider the amount of time you can repay the loans. If it is within a few years, this is a great option for you. For many, this is a really necessary solution and a way out of all their problems. However, there are people who cannot cope with debt repayment and who will only collect even more interest.

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When is this not a good idea?

This is definitely not a recommendation for those who have huge problems. This refers to debts incurred due to excessive consumption. In addition to this situation, there are a few more that would definitely not benefit you. For example, this refers to one in which you are overwhelmed by debt and you are not sure how to get out of it. In that case, even reduced payments could not help you. Then you will probably encounter additional fees such as balance transfer fees, closing costs or annual fees.


We are sure that it is not easy to maintain your financial situation when you have a large number of debts such as credit card debt, student loan payments and the like. In such situations, you need financial support. If you think you have all the conditions for debt consolidation, we are sure that this is a proven solution.

It is an opportunity to settle debts, improve credit and get rid of fears and frustrations that you feel every day. All you need to do is look at your options from the right angle and you will be sure that debt consolidation is for you. Otherwise look for some alternatives, we are sure there are plenty of them.

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