CBD has become a magical thing for humans. It has been widely in use and you will find various products that contain it. However, is it only for humans? A lot of human medicines are found to be effective for animals too. So people often ask a question about CBD too. is it equally beneficial for pets?

How do CBD Works?


It enters our body and targets the endocannabinoid system. All the products of CBD whether they are oils or eatable things contain cannabinoids. Thus, the cannabinoids from the product interact with the endocannabinoid system of our body.

This system is responsible for maintaining our health, thus, by taking cannabinoid products, we give a boost to our body. It enhances our performance and boosts our immune system.

So What About Animals?


Of course, they also have the endocannabinoid system in their bodies as well. Therefore, cannabinoids are equally beneficial for your pets. Using CBD products will improve the overall health of your pets and will also improve their immunity.

And if you are not sure where you can find cannabinoid oil for your pets, you can go to They have almost all the hemp pet products that you can buy.

You can get hemp seed oil that will offer its anti-inflammatory effects and many others. You can either go for oil capsules or can take a bigger bottle and feed them drop by drop.

Any Difference Between Hemp Oil For Humans and Pets?

Although the main ingredient is the same. But the taste and likings for both vary. If humans like something that does not necessarily means that pets will like that too.

Therefore, you will find special products for pets. They are made according to their liking and to their taste.

In addition to this, the consumption needs and dosage also vary for humans and pets. The concentration of cannabinoids is different in human and pet products. Hemp oil for humans will have more concentration as compared to that of pets.

Therefore, you cannot just feed them anything. The thing that you feed them thinking that it is good for their health might be dangerous for them. Therefore, do not make decisions hastily and do not feed them just anything.

Safe Dosage of CBD for Pets


So if the concentration is different for humans and pets, what is the safe limit for pets then? It is 20 mg. However, if the vet recommends a specific dosage, you should follow it. Sometimes the body requirements are much lower than this. 20 mg is the safe limit but a somewhat lower dose won’t do any harm to them.

In addition to this, the dose might also vary with the body weight. The recommended dosage for pets is 2 mg per kg of their body weight. So if your pet weighs 10 kg, 20 mg would be the right dosage for it.

How Will You Give CBD to Your Pets?

There are two types of packing. One is a small bottle with a dripper and you can directly put drops on their tongue. But you have to be careful that the pet does not bite the glass dripper. Otherwise, it will harm its tongue and won’t come near that dripper again.

The other packing is in capsule form. This is easy to use and you won’t have to worry about dosage too. The vet will let you know how many capsules it can feed in one day.

Benefits of Using CBD For Pets

1 – Reduces anxiety


Sometimes our pets get anxious and irritated. They will bark loudly and will exhibit uncommon behaviors. This might be a sign of anxiety. So if you do not want to give medicines to your pet, you should try using hemp oil. It will help reduce their anxiety and will calm them down. It soothes the brain and treats their anxiety.

2 – Relieves pain and is anti-inflammatory

The most common trait of cannabinoid products that we all know is them being painkillers. Hemp oil will treat nerve-related pain and any other body pain. In addition to this, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, if your pet is acting strange and you are not sure if there is anything wrong with it, you should try hemp oil.

Whether its anxiety or body pain, it will treat it and will calm down your pet. But if the condition does not improve, you can try going to the vet. Because your pet cannot tell you if there is anything wrong with them.

3 – Improves appetite


Another amazing benefit of using hemp oil is that it improves appetite. Not having enough hunger and eating too less is a sign of an inactive digestive system. This will ultimately result in weakening the body of your pet and you won’t like that. Therefore, if you observe your cat or dog eating too less, you should try giving it some hemp oil. It will improve their digestive system in a few days.

4 – Treats nausea

Vomiting and nausea can be from anything. And you cannot take out your pet to the vet only because he vomited. It might be because it will feel unwell or has a bad stomach or just because it ate something that it should not have.

Therefore, instead of going to the vet, try giving it some hemp oil. It is quite good for getting rid of that nauseated feeling. Plus, you will save a trip to the vet. No need to feed your pet with medicines all the time. It is better to switch to a healthy treatment.

To sum up…

There is no significant difference between a pet and human CBD. The only minor differences are concentration and flavoring. Therefore, if you take care of the dose amount, you can even give human CBD to pets and vice versa. Humans can also take hemp oil made for animals as long as it is clean and hygienic.